Nebraska Archway Monument

The Platte River Road Archway Monument, which overhangs I–80 near Kearney, could soon be getting the attention it's been waiting for.

The Archway was built in June of 2000 at the history museum of travel across the plains, from the 1840's to the present.

The only problem, the monument was built without an exit ramp.

That's something most tourists don't find very inviting.

 “It seems like you go at least another mile or two out of your way before you turn around and come back.”

“We actually talked about the fact that people would probably get here a lot quicker and more often if it was easier to get here,” Karen Smith said.

Federal funding could soon do just that. Last week the state said it would include an off ramp east of Kearney in its budget for construction in the coming year.