Nebraska Army National Guardsman Home for R&R

A Nebraska Army National Guard member is enjoying two weeks of vacation back here in the states. It's the first time the armed services have allowed soldiers to go state side for some rest and relaxation since Vietnam.

Some members of the 1057 Transportation Company have been in Iraq and Kuwait for nearly five months now and plan to be there up to a year. Now the military is providing those soldiers with some much needed rest and relaxation.

Jack Hovick is a little more tan then the last time he was home, and has some interesting stories to tell. A mechanic with the 1057 Transportation Company, he's state side for two weeks of vacation, before heading back to Kuwait.

Hovic says, even though he's half way across the world, that doesn't stop him from routing for the Huskers. Soldiers at Camp Arifjan, where's he's been have been able to catch three out of the last four games.