Nebraska Budget Fails to Pass

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

The State Senators worked all day to move the budget forward but they did not reach an agreement.

"So Mr. Governor. If you want your budget passed," says Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha "then you need to start negotiating on Title Ten. That’s the warning, that’s the shot across the bow. It’s inappropriate, to put it in, it shouldn’t have gone in. There are those who will ague that it does because everything is a budget issue which is a ludicrous argument."

Something that really kept the senators from passing the current budget is the defunding of Title X clinics that provide abortions, and also some State Senators think that Nebraska could be dipping into the state rainy day fund too much.

"We’re taking another 180 million out of the reserve, we are taking it out of the piggy banks so that we can spend money somewhere else. We don’t have a problem in the state with a revenue shortfall because we don’t tax the people enough."

Another issue lawmakers can’t agree on.. Is the cuts to the University of Nebraska, whether it be 4% or 1%

They are still planning on voting at some point in the near future, but they needed 33 yes votes, and only received 30 yes votes so as of right now they are still going to be debating on the Nebraska budget for the next few weeks.