Nebraska county treasurer pays for mileage expenses

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


        A county treasurer in Nebraska who faces criminal tax fraud charges has written the county a check for nearly $3,500 to cover the amount he received in now-questioned mileage expense reimbursements.     

        The state auditor’s office released a report last week that says Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing didn’t keep adequate documentation of his mileage expenses for over 2 years.     

        Stebbing says he was never instructed to provide more specific information, but that he should’ve been more careful filling out the monthly mileage forms.

        Lancaster County Board Chairman Todd Wiltgen says the board has no objections to depositing Stebbing’s reimbursement check.     

        Wiltgen says the criminal matter against Stebbing remains. He says law enforcement and prosecutors will decide whether or not to seek prosecution.