Nebraska has confirmed case of respiratory virus

Posted by: Channel 8 Newsroom

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ The Douglas County Health Department in Omaha has confirmed its first case of an unusual respiratory illness that has recently affected children across the country.


Officials say a baby in the Omaha area recently tested positive for Enterovirus 68. The baby was hospitalized with coughing and breathing difficulty, but has since been released.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said Friday that 160 lab-confirmed cases were reported in the 22 states.         

The virus can cause mild to severe illness, with the worst cases needing life support for breathing difficulties. Kids with asthma have been especially vulnerable. No deaths were reported.          

The strain is not new but rarely seen, and only a small number of labs can test for it. A spike in cases was first identified in mid-August.