Nebraska Heart Institute ranks very high nationally as a hospital

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. A local hospital has been ranked in the top 2.2 percent of hospitals across the country.

 "I have to say the Heart Hospital is far and above my favorite of all them. From the time you walk in the door it’s like a team effort. The receptionist greets you." Said James McCullough, Nebraska Heart Patient

Vietnam Veteran James McCullough has been plagued by one heart problem after another. He first had a triple bypass, then an Aortic Valve replaced. Within the last year he suffered from catastrophic heart failure and needed an l–VAD put in to help pump blood. McCullough has been to several hospitals, but says Nebraska Heart stands out the most.

"I got the feeling from the times that I’ve been in the hospital over that you know they really see you as a part of the family and that’s kind of the way you’re treated." McCollough Said

The hospital rankings came out for the first time this July from the centers for Medicare and Medicaid. They gave Nebraska Heart institute a very high ranking. It earned a five star rating for its patient care and is ranked in the 90th percentile for patient satisfaction.

"Not only are you proud of the facility but you’re proud of the staff that you work with. I mean the physicians couldn’t do this without the staff they have delivering the care and working with the patients." Said Dr. Doug Netz, Nebraska Heart Institute

Because of the great care James McCullough has received he says he’s lived longer than what he thought.

"I can tell you we had a heck of a celebration for our 40th because there’s no way in the world we thought we’d make it to 50. Now I’m starting to plan on 60, 75. You know I have a really good outlook on life. I feel great!" McCollough Said

According to the National Cardio–Vascular Data Registry the national average for door–to–device time for a heart attack patient is 49 minutes. While the average time for Nebraska heart is only 22 minutes.