Nebraska indoor tanning supporters protest new tax

About 150 protestors took part in a demonstration at the Capitol against a new federal tax on indoor tanning.

Owners of tanning-bed businesses and their customers on Thursday protested a new, 10 percent tax on tanning bed use that began the same day. It's part of the federal health care overhaul.

“When you already have a 7 percent sales tax and it goes up to 17 percent. That's enormous,” says Michelle Grubbs, a local tanning salon owner.

Omaha tanning salon workers Corrine Orth and Sadie Schantz said they normally get just two or three cancellations a day from customers scheduled to use tanning beds, but in recent days have received between 15 and 30 and blame it on the tax.

The tanning tax wasn't in early versions of the health care bill and was added after dermatologists persuaded powerful senators to substitute it for a proposed tax on cosmetic surgery.