Nebraska man joins thousands at Capitol Hill protest

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

One hundred forty miles, in ten days, to send a message.

"One voice, one vote," Democracy Spring protesters, chanted.

People from across the U.S. marched from Philadelphia to Capitol Hill to fight for democracy. They want to eliminate the influence of money in politics.

Justin Simmons from Kearney Nebraska was one of those protesters.

"92% of the time the person with the most money will win the election. That means that if you have to have the most money to win you are going to forget about what you care and believe about, you are going to try to please your donors,” Justin Simmons, protester, said.

His passion for political reform fueled his fight. He would like to see public financing for elections to allow more time for candidates to focus on the people.

“They spend all their time raising money versus talking to the people who they are going to be working for,” Simmons, said.

He believes the problem with American elections is that they are dominated by the wealthy, leaving others with less of a voice.

To make an even bigger stand, Democracy Spring protesters were publicly arrested.

A total of 450 were arrested just on Monday, it broke the record for arrests on Capitol Hill.

Simmons was cuffed and cited three times in one week for his fight.

"There was kind of this sense of embarrassment though as they put the zip ties around me, but you know I would defiantly do it again," Simmons, said.

The march began on April 2nd and took ten days to get to Capitol Hill.

The week long series of sit–ins started on Monday and lasted throughout the week.

The goal was for congress to take action, reduce the influence of money in politics, expand and protect voting rights, and ensure everyone has an equal voice.