Nebraska National Guardsmen help battle Colorado Fires

By: Ashley Harding

Some members of Nebraska national guard helped battle the Colorado wildfires. While they were there, the four member crew dropped buckets of water over High Park and Fort Collins. Since they first started earlier this month, the footage from the Colorado wildfires has captured the nation.

But for Nebraska Army National Guardsmen David Flores and James Nordman…the experience is real.

“It's a pretty bad feeling to see all that. All the destruction, you know, the homes that are burnt,” Chief Foreign Officer Flores said.

From June 12th through the 22nd…the men were part of a four member crew sent to battle the blaze at High Park and Fort Collins. There, for ten days they dropped more than 50,000 gallons of water, assisted people, and worked with other emergency crews.

“We try to keep it as real as possible while we're training, but it almost never really prepares you for when you're doing the mission,” Sgt. Nordman said.

Since the crew's return last Friday, things…as we know…have gotten worse.  Hundreds of homes have burned, thousands of people have been evacuated, and one person is dead. And for Sergeant James Nordman, the situation is hitting close to home.

“I've got family that live in Colorado Springs. So my cousin's home was just destroyed by the Springs fire. And my aunt and uncle's house is getting close. They're on the evacuation stand-by list,” Sgt. Nordman said.

Nordman says despite what's happened to his family, they've been in good spirits. As for the mission they just completed, they're thankful there was something they could do to help.

The men say if they're needed again to help control the wildfires, they're more than willing to go back.