Nebraska Prison ID Law

Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

Today Senator Matt Hansen of Lincoln is working on getting his bill through to give inmates more than just their IDs back, but their life back. 

"So we are looking for better ways to create transitions for people getting back into the community and this like a very obvious one," said Sen. Matt Hansen Friday about his bill LB 258.

Senator Hansen is in the process of finalizing his bill, that would improve the ID a prisoner would get after they were released. 

Annette McRoy who is the employment developer at the Center for People in Need commented, "All employers are going to requite some form of identification, and so in order for them to be successful getting back into the community and getting employment this piece of bill would go a great way in helping them being successful."

But the good news is that this program won’t cost any extra dollars to a taxpayer here in Nebraska.

"There is no extra cost to the state," commented Sen. Hansen "So currently inmates get an ID that says recently released inmate, this would replace that ID with a driver’s license so their already getting an ID it’s just that the current ID they get isn’t actually useful for much. Because we can’t require banks, hotels or landlords to take it."

Getting an simple driver license can make a major change in a former inmates life, and get their lives back on track. 

Davida Twobulls, a former inmate commented on the process saying, "Right now it’s kinda hard for a lot of people because having access to your ID we have to jump through hoops just to get a birth certificate, or a social security card and even that costs money. It will make me feel normal, you know freer."