Nebraska quarterbacks not far enough along according to Frost

KLKN Sports Staff

LINCOLN, Neb. – Scott Frost was very blunt when asked about the Nebraska quarterbacks on Friday. 

"I’d like to see them be further ahead right now than where they are," Frost said. "You know the thing is, I think at the end of spring they were doing a really good job and they seemed like they got it. We didn’t quite pick up there where we left off from spring.

"I think the last few days I’ve seen a big improvement, but everything just has to operate faster for them. And that will come when they are more familiar with the offense and it clicks in their mind faster. We’ve got to make some quicker decisions out there. All the guys are doing a good job at times, but it’s gotta be more consistent."

Frost also made no inkling that any of the three possible starters had separated themselves from the rest of the competition.