Nebraska Reacts To Increased Threat Level

The increase to an orange terror alert is something that is not being taken lightly here in Nebraska. State officals are quickly responding to word of possible terror attacks. Lieutenant Governor and State Director of Homeland Security Dave Heineman spent his Sunday morning on the phone with Washington. After the call Nebraska agencies sprang into action. Heineman says, “The Nation's airports are on alert…including Lincoln Muncipal. Mike Salazar was on his way home to San Fransico…his take on threat level orange…he didn't know about it.  Salazar says, “Actually, I'm not overly concerned especially flying out of Lincoln, Nebraska. I think I'm pretty safe here…I'm ok. San Fransico may be a different story.” Nebraska may not be number one on a terrorists target list, but state officals aren't taking chances. “The State Patrol begins to immediately increase the monitoring and surveilence of critical assets. Our Emergency Center went on a standby mode, so that we could activate instantly.” An instant response is what will be needed. The latest intelligence suggests terrorists may once again use aircraft to attack the US…All this news coming on the dawn of one of the busiest weeks for air travel. “I pay attention to who's on the plane with me, anyone acting differently, but I think it's the way we're going to be from now on.” Again, airport security will be increased because of the orange alert, so if you're flying this week… Give yourself plenty of time to get through security. For the latest information on the alert and the department of homeland security