Nebraska Senator Attempts to Redistrict Nebraska

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

A common conversation in politics today is redistricting, and Nebraska is not different. 

Senator John Murante of Gretna has introduced his bill to alter some voting districts here in Nebraska. 

In a press conference today Sen. Murante called for the map of Nebraska to better represent Nebraskans, "Maps need to be drawn of the people of Nebraska by the people of Nebraska for the people of Nebraska and that’s what this legislation does," said Sen. Murante. "Previous to this legislation the provision of the state constitution which clearly states that the maps should be drawn excluding aliens has been ignored, we cannot continue to ignore it going forward that is irresponsible public policy the state legislature should not ignore the constitution."

But some other senators do not fully agree with Sen. Murante, "You can be here and get tax identification number, and not necessarily be here what you consider a documented resident," said Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha,  "but you have a tax ID number you can work full time according to federal law and pay taxes on those dollars if you’re paying taxes you should have a voice in the process."

But even with that being said, Sen. Murante believes that the current voting districts that Nebraska has is in constitutional, "The maps need to be drawn in conformity with the state constitution and the state constitution is clear and it needs to be drawn for the people of Nebraska. That is why the maps are drawn and that is the purpose of the maps and to be fair to all the people of Nebraska. We need strict adherence to our state constitution."

But Sen. Wayne also believes that how this bill is getting introduced is backwards, and pointed out that this is not how you should introduce a bill of this magnitude.

"Murante continues to push for non partisan redistricting yet I’m on the government committee and I learned of this issue today at a press conference. So if we are really serious about bi–partisan redistricting and making the process better this is an issue we can start talking about at the government committee this is an issue that we can start talking about as a body, not learning about it at a press conference," said Sen. Wayne of Omaha. 

There is not an official word on how many, or what districts would be affected by Sen. Murante introduced bills.