Nebraska soldiers return home from Iraq

There were tears and cheers as soldiers returned home from Iraq today. The cold and the wind was no match for the warmth and affection Nebraska military families gave their soldiers at Lincoln's airport. Nearly 90 soldiers returning home from Iraq to a bitterly cold Nebraska, yet warmed by seeing their friends and family. Jeff Klingler says, “We're all ecstatic; we can't believe that we're home.” The Medical Aviation Unit spent 1 year overseas, caring for the sick and injured. Tomas Ortiz returns from his 3rd deployment, proud to uphold the family tradition. “It's a great feeling to be back. We have a rich history of deploying and it's another one under our belts, just proud to carry on the tradition of guys like my grandpa that they did and just happy to do it.” For Thomas Powell, this return home is different. It's his first time coming home to a family of his own. “The support that we get from Nebraska is just overwhelming,” Powell says, holding his daughter Kennedy. It's a feeling that's hard for him to put into words, “It's unbelievable, I can't even describe it.” And for 20–year–old Jordan Consolver, the long flight had him craving something to eat. “I'm pretty excited, happy and very hungry! but other than that, it's a lot of warm feelings in here, very emotional experience.” The 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion was responsible for aerial evacuations of wounded soldiers in the heart of the battlefield.