Nebraska State Fair Faces Tough Future

The Nebraska State Fair has seen better days. In recent years, the fair enjoyed less than stellar runs. And financial problems even threatened the fair's future. But now supporters hope to turn the fair and State Fair Park around.  An independent commission has outlined several points that could turn the struggling festival around. However, making the changes would require a state wide effort. . there are no fariswheels, or corndog stands at the state fair park this time of year. Some of the reasons the Cabin Fever Antique Show calls State Fair Park home. But when it comes to the State Fair itself a commission says things need to change….change needed to boost a struggling fair and aging park. The commission recomends adding more glitz and pizzaz to draw more fair goers…adding new facilities including an improved horse racing track.  To pay for the changes the Legislature is looking at diverting 2 million dollars of lottery proceeds to the fair…a proposal Nebraskans appear to be considering. But the boost the State Fair Board is looking for is for more than just the annual event. Senator Dave Landis introduced the constitutional ammendment to divert the lottery proceeds Friday. Because it's a constitutional ammendment, it would require voter approval… Which could happen as early as this November.