Nebraska Supreme Court rules TransCanada is not liable for legal fees

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court decided that TransCanada will not have to pay the $354,000 in legal fees from landowners fighting the pipeline.

Those dollars were racked up by Nebraska land owners fighting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Chief Justice Michael Heavican spoke on behalf of the court and said:

"We conclude that the land owners did not offer sufficient proof as to their entitlement to an award of attorney costs and fee."

Some of the farmers involved in the lawsuit expressed their displeasure.

"It was very disappointing to us because we as land owners have incurred significant legal fees and the law says they need to pay them and this is a technicality that is allowing TransCanada not to pay us the money that is owed," said Art Tanderup, a farmer involved in the lawsuit.

The court said the landowners are not providing an exact number or sufficient evidence in regards to their legal fees.

That’s why TransCanada isn’t obligated to pay

Jeanne Crumly, another member of the lawsuit, is frustrated that the Supreme Court is allowing its own farmers to be left out to dry.

"TransCanada didn’t have the guts to stick with the original case because they would have lost. They bailed out of it and the law says if you bail out on the case you are obligated to pay your opponents legal fees. On the income of a school teacher and a farmer we are paying for legal fees simply to defend the land that we’re trying to make a living on," said Crumly.

An appeal to reconsider the previous Public Service Commission ruling is set to be heard later this year, hopefully this fall.