Nebraska Swine Flu Update

Health and Human Services released some numbers Tuesday about flu cases in nebraska..

There are no confirmed cases flu, but there are 6 tests pending. That means six people have some form of flu.

They are being tested to see if it's a regular seasonal flu or something else.

If it's something else, the state will send those cases to the CDC to be tested for Swine Flu.

At this time the state can not directly test for Swine Flu itself.

“For the entire country we are in this kind of noman's land right now where we are certainly concerned we want people to be vigilent because we are in the process of figuring out what we're dealing with,” The State's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joanne Schaefer said.

There is no vaccine for Swine Flu but the state says it has stockpiled the antiviral medication to treat it.

The Department will update the public about the number of pending cases in the state every morning, you can log onto for more information.