Nebraska takes key step to initiate 1st execution since 1997

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Nebraska’s corrections department has taken a key step to initiate the state’s first execution since 1997, although no date has been set.

The Department of Correctional Services on Thursday notified death-row inmate Jose Sandoval of the lethal injection drugs to be used in his execution.

The department is required to notify an inmate of the drugs to be used at least 60 days before the attorney general asks the Nebraska Supreme Court for an execution warrant. The department says it will use diazepam, fentanyl citrate, cisatracurium besylate and potassium chloride.

The department says it has access to all of the drugs.

Sandoval was sentenced to death on five counts of first-degree murder for the September 2002 deaths of five people in a Norfolk bank robbery.

The following press release was sent out Thursday:

The NDCS has released the following statement on the lethal injection case of Jose Sandoval:

November 9, 2017 (Lincoln, Neb.) Today, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Director Scott R. Frakes provided Jose Sandoval, #59147, notice of the substances to be employed in Sandoval’s execution by lethal injection (document attached).

No date has been set for the execution. The Nebraska Administrative Code (NAC) Title 69, Chapter 11, requires the director to provide notice to the condemned inmate at least 60 days prior to the Attorney General’s request to the Nebraska Supreme Court for an execution warrant.

The following substances will be administered intravenously in the following order: 1) Diazepam; 2) Fentanyl Citrate; 3) Cisatracurium Besylate and 4) Potassium Chloride.