Nebraska Task Force One conducting fewer evacuations and rescues

Posted By: Alden German

Nebraska Task Force One is still in Houston and still saving lives.

Thursday the Task Force conducted 30 evacuations from an apartment complex and rescued two elderly citizens walking in chest-high water.

"There were two elderly people trying to walk upstream against the current. They were definitely in peril. I think they probably would have drowned had we not heard them and we were able to rescue them into a boat and get them to dry land," says Task Force leader Roger Bonin.

The Task Force says that the number of evacuations and rescues is going down, a positive sign as it means more and more people are out of harm’s way.

Friday, the Task Force will primarily focus on themselves and housekeeping, including rehabilitation, restocking, and resupplying.

"People are tired. We’re getting our equipment in order, we’re getting some laundry done, things like that. We’ve been pretty busy," Bonin says.

However if a situation arises and their services are needed, they will be ready.

The Task Force is expected to remain stationed in Katy, Texas for the time being. Bonin mentioned the possibility of them being reassigned to Beaumont, Texas, but is uncertain how likely that is. The team is also keeping close eyes on newly-formed Hurricane Irma in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just in case it ends up impacting the United States and they are needed once again.