Nebraska Wesleyan pairs with Safe Kids to help prevent sports injuries

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

"Parents want to keep their kids safe," said Brian Baker with Safe Kids.

Lincoln Parks and Recreation, the YMCA and now Nebraska Wesleyan University are all part of the health departments Safe Kids Lincoln-Lancaster County program.

"Partnering with these folks enables us to reach a broad audience with this important information on how to keep kids out of the hospitals due to sports related injuries," said Baker.

The organization is bringing attention to three main topics: concussions, dehydration and overuse injuries, like muscle strains and repetitive motion injuries.

"Obviously the last several years with the NFL and college football a big push has been on concussions, but the things that shouldn’t be forgotten are dehydration, that’s really important, but also the over use injuries is one that is pushed to the side too often," said Dr. Mark Stutz, Director of Athletic Training Program at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Safe Kids is giving information to parents on how to prevent these three injuries in kids 14 and younger. 

"Safety of the participants is our main focus other than having fun and learning the sport," said Kent Stiles with Lincoln Parks and Recreation.

Nebraska Wesleyan athletic training students are now part of sharing this information. The students set up booths and hand out information at little league games being held at the YMCA and Lincoln Parks and Rec. Sports injuries have been on the rise in young children and Safe Kids is helping to prevent this by working with parents and coaches early on.