Nebraskan support for the Keystone XL Pipeline

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

As the pipeline issue is thrusted upon Washington, support from around Nebraska is streaming in.

Gov. Pete Ricketts released a statement saying, “Today’s decision by the Nebraska supreme court clears the way for approval of the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. It has been demonstrated that it will be the safest pipeline ever built and that it will bring good–paying jobs and property tax revenue to Nebraska’s counties. I urge congress and President Obama to move swiftly to give final approval to this important project.”

Attorney General Doug Peterson also supports the pipeline. His statement saying “We are pleased the court has ruled on this issue. The result of the ruling is that the pipeline legislation is constitutional. The statute stands. The pipeline has a route. There are now no legal hindrances in
we also talked with a labor union representative who says the pipeline is creating american independence.”

Business Manager of Laborers International Union of North America local 1140, Ron Kaminski said,”I think that it’s going to be beneficial. It shows that the many pipelines that run through nebraska, this is going to be the safest pipeline ever built in america. It’s going to be beneficial not only because of the jobs created but also pushing america toward complete energy independence.”

TransCanada President Russ Girling squashed the debate the pipeline isn’t needed anymore because of low oil prices.

“The reason for low oil prices is because production is up in both Canada and the United States.”

According to the Department of State the pipeline project would create over forty two thousand jobs throughout the U.S.