Central Nebraska cleans up after severe weather

Residents in central Nebraska spent the day cleaning up after to EF-2 tornadoes ripped through parts of the state Monday night.

Just west of Bradshaw, a powerful twister knocked a freight train carrying anhydrous ammonia off its tracks.

In Elm Creek, residents were busy removing fallen tree branches from streets and homes.  A total of 30 homes were damaged by the storm.

For some residents, luck was on their side.  Bill Hellriegle wasn't home when the twister tore off the roof of his house.  “The neighbors to our east had seen the funnel come down and just right over to the water tower.  Then they said it went back up and then obviously must have dropped down.”

For others, like Terry Dickes, his four-legged friend helped to alert him of the danger.  “I turned my head to look at the phone and see who was calling and that's when I saw it.  I grabbed the dog and ran to the basement.”

Dickes's home did not survive the tornado that tore through Bradshaw at 75 miles per hour.  His family, like many others, is now just trying to salvage what's left of the mess.  He says they're just trying to clean up and see what's left. 

No injuries have been reported from Monday night's storm.