Nebraskans Give Generously To Hurricane Relief

It's been almost a week since the South bore the brunt of Hurricane Katrina. The world is still watching in disbelief, the stories and pictures that come out of that region. Even here in Lincoln, it seems that everyone remembers to do whatever they possibly can to help the victims of this devastating storm. The unofficial total of American Red Cross donations collected in Lincoln is already around $125,000, and that's not including events on Friday or over the weekend. There's been an overwhelming response from people here, who find every opportunity to do their part for hurricane relief. Jeremy Steele thought that it would be a great idea to grab a tractor, put a coin funnel on top and wait for people to come running with their spare change at the Nebraska State Fair.  He raised $5,000 Saturday. Pictures from the South even made an impact on two brothers who wanted to help raise money for relief efforts. Garrett and Will Kallhoff spent over eight hours outside Sunday manning a lemonade stand in Lincoln. They raised a grand total around $700, not bad for a day's work.