Nebraskans prepare for Missouri River flooding

Flooding of historic proportions is bearing down on parts of Nebraska and forcing evacuations for residents along the Missouri River.

In Blair, mandatory evacuations have already begun as the Missouri slowly rises.  Scott Ross lives and says friends are evacuating who've never had to before. “They're saying this is the worst in 50 some odd years.  I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime.”

Heavy mountain snows and valley rains several states away is causing significant rises in the river.  David Pearson with the National Weather Service says flood gates upstream are now being forced open.  “Some are being opened for the first time ever.  That shows just how historic this event is turning into being.”

To make matters worse, reservoirs to our north and west, that take in excess water from the Missouri, are now at capacity, leaving nothing to do but prepare for the worst.

Residents in Blair have at least a week to evacuate before the crest hits, but with record-setting snow melt still occurring in Montana, there's no telling when the river here will go down.  Pearson says, “From where it is now, I would expect those numbers to be gone.  By mid-June we should see some of the highest levels and that could continue for several weeks.”