Nebraskans Rally For An End To U.S. Presence In Iraq

This weekend marks the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion into Iraq. Nebraskans in support of peace and troop withdrawal rallied near the state capitol Saturday morning. Among the speakers, was Becky Henderson, whose son was killed in Iraq almost two years ago.

Henderson's son Matt was a corporal in the Marines. He was over in Iraq for his second tour of duty when a roadside bomb took his life in May of 2004. Now, Becky says she doesn't know whether or not speaking at events like the one on Saturday makes her feel better. The death of her son has forever left it's mark on their family.

Henderson says she believes her son died for a war that didn't need to happen and now she says it's time for military families to stop getting the news they dread the most.

Lela Shanks is a community activist who believes strongly that Americans need to be pro-active in their fight against the war. She encourages writing political representatives, urging them to bring the issue to the forefront of debate. Because it's rallies and gatherings like the one on Saturday, she says, that will make a difference for the future.

Matt Henderson's sister, Kellie Ramirez, knows what that means. That means supporting the fight for peace and remembering what her brother and everyone else who has lost their lives overseas was fighting for.

The Hendersons hope that next year they won't have to be marking the fourth anniversary of U.S. involvement in Iraq. Instead, they hope to celebrate troop withdrawal and an end to conflict.