Nebraskans react to senator support of Betsy DeVos

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer released a statement Thursday backing Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos.

She joins Senator Ben Sasse in support.

In her statement, Fischer says:

"I will support Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. While I do not agree with Mrs. DeVos on every issue, I do believe she has the ability and commitment to lead the department."

Prior to this release, Nebraskan’s flooded her office pleading her to vote against DeVos.

Without her opposition, it may come down to a tie breaking vote from Vice President Pence.

Now, some Nebraskans feel they were ignored and have heightened concern for the future of the education system.

Carrie Kleinschmidt says, if DeVos is elected, she worries how federal money will be funded between charter and public schools..

"The money that’s diverted out of that is going to affect our public schools and our public schools are there for the public. Charter schools and private schools serve a huge purpose in our county, but they are just that, they are private,” Carrie Kleinschmidt, Nebraskan, said.

Some Nebraskans support our senators in their decision on the nominee.

Jerry Cottam says: “Thank you Deb for following the majority of the Nebraska voters! You’re a republican for a reason! You have my vote!,”

Senator Sasse also supports DeVos.

He wants to see more power in local districts and families.

"We need to make sure that these schools are more effective at serving their local communities and their kids and the families in those districts and that accountability is ultimately got to come from reducing the regulatory burdens of people just filing paperwork for Washington D.C," Senator Sasse, said.

Kleinschmidt also says she worries about programs for students with disabilities.

It’s something Senator Fischer also addressed in her statement.

"She has also made a commitment to me in writing that she will work to protect all students, especially those with disabilities," Fisher, said.

"I think that’s very noble. I feel the same as a human being, but I am not qualified for this position. I don’t think Deb Fischer’s justification for voting for her because of that made her a qualified candidate."

No votes are official; senators are expected to meet sometime next week.