Nebraska’s Electoral College votes Trump in

Posted By: Sarah Fili

In a historic and yet routine vote, five Nebraskans cast their ballots in the box to elect the next president of the United States. Their pick?

"Cast for office of president of the United States for Donald J. Trump, Republican,” Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale said, previewing ballots as they came in.

Nebraska’s Electoral College met at the capitol Monday to make an official decision. People were given the chance to address the members before the vote, many hoping they’d change it, or abstain-forcing a review by the U.S. House and Senate. One protestor says the election was too hectic and overwhelming to make a sound choice. He says Nebraska’s electors don’t have all the information.

"We’d be able to address the problems that we saw we’d be able to say okay this happened and this didn’t and if we choose to ignore that and vote blindly that we’re choosing to vote in ignorance and whatever the consequences are we brought them on ourselves,” William Roe, a protestor, said.

One Electoral College member says that would be an impossible feat in the state- despite the petitions asking them to do so.

"In Nebraska there is a law that we have to vote according to the will of the state, I was a state wide elector, so an at large, so I voted the way that the people in Nebraska statewide voted,” Chuck Conrad, a member of the Electoral College, said. “I was elected to vote for Donald Trump and that’s what I was going to do by the will of the people."

Another member says he’s gotten thousands of letters, mostly from out of state, asking him to sway his vote. He says it’s just time to be finished with it.

"Enough is enough after a while we got to do what’s right for America and move on I think trump is doing a great job with his cabinet picks and so forth its just a great day for America,” John Dinkel, another member said.

The votes from across the country will now go to the U.S. Senate and House to be counted. All those votes will be counted in the house chamber January 6th.

And vice president Joe Biden will declare the winner on that day, marking two weeks until the inauguration.