Nebraska’s Fruit and Veggie Intake

There's some disturbing news when it comes to what Nebraskans eat.

Mom always said eat your fruits and vegetables, but apparently, quite a few of us didn't listen.

We rank near the bottom when it comes to getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet.

It's a statistic that has area residents and experts concerned.

The Centers for Disease Control says Nebraska ranks 45th when it comes to fruit and vegetable intake.

45th out of 50 states!

In a single day, we're supposed to eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 and a half cups of vegetables.

Instead, 75 percent of Nebraskans only eat half a cup of fruit and about one cup of a vegetables.

Something that's easy to change at the store.

A menu plan both adults and children are skipping out on.

It doesn't matter if your fruits or vegetables are fresh, canned or frozen, they generally all have the same nutritional value.