Nebraska’s Public Schools Got Their Annual Report Card Monday

For about 95% of the schools in Nebraska the results look very good. However, there are obstacles for some schools, and for the first time ever, if they don't find a way to improve, they could eventually be shut down.

The annual state report card for Nebraska's public schools measures two main things, how well students are performing, and how well schools are assessing their performance. In both areas, this year's report card shows significant improvement. That means not only are students scoring better than ever before, but they are doing so on harder, more rigorous tests.

But even as the state celebrates these accomplishments, the report card also reveals difficult challenges that still remain. Some of those challenges include helping students who face poverty or language barriers, and many of those students are in the 5 percent of districts the state says are performing poorly enough to be placed into a kind of probationary period. Those districts must show improvement in assessment and student performance or face being shut down by the state.

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