Neighborhood tries to compromise with Walmart

By: Kali Nicole

The war over the South Lincoln Walmart is well underway.

Neighbors in the area say they conceded to the battle over whether the big box should even build. Now their focus is on features of construction.

They say, they want compromise. The Stone Ridge Homeowner's Association submitted requests for a list of changes. The three most important, eliminating Grainger Parkway as an entrance and exit into the store, leaving temporary construction drainage permanently in its place, and adding aesthetics, like trees to hide and block the store from homes.

Walmart told us Monday they are already exceeding design standards by adding more trees and the neighbor requests were impractical. As for the traffic and drainage, they say they are city issue.

Neighbors agree but add Walmart's cooperation could help convince the city it would be safer to use their ideas. “They keep saying they want to be a good neighbor to us, but a good neighbor would help convince the city to charge the traffic and vice versa. The city would help convince Walmart,” said a resident.

Neighbors will continue to meet with the City Council, the Mayor's office and Public Works. They hope if they can get all their problems ironed out, there will be a precedent for the next store that comes into a residential neighborhood.