Neighborhood Debates Building of New Day Care

A proposed child care center on the southside of town near Southpointe Pavilions Mall has a lot of neighbors angry.  On Monday, they let the city council know why they don't want it in their backyards.

There were a lot more people present to testify against the center than there were people in favor.  Many neighbors said they don't doubt how well the city will be run; they just don't want it in their back yard.

The daycare would be built near 29th St. and Porter Ridge Road.  Its currently an empty space.

“I'd like to see the proposed day care succeed,” said Steve Peek of Lincoln.  “But there's a proper place for it, and that's on an Arterial Street, where traffic can enter and exit it safely, not on a residential street that's already overwhelmed.”

People in favor of it say it's hard to find the perfect spot on this side of town, and at a good price.

“There are large day care centers in that area,” said Tanya Porter of Lincoln.  “But the price that they're charging parents can't afford, and parents shouldn't have to suffer to have quality child care because they can't afford it.”

Neighbors say when they bought their homes they thought some sort of rental property was going in, not a day care center for 100 kids.

“Just imagine 25 children laughing, screaming and hollering just a few feet from our backdoors,” said Steve Goosic of Lincoln.

But supporters say the day care will create jobs at no cost to the city. Plus, it gives parents affordable child care.

The owner of the land did make some changes to the day care facility, hoping to please some residents.  For example, cutting the amount of kids there.  Still, some residents say its not enough.

The city council will be voting on day care next week.