Neighborhood Revitalization Effort

A worn-down area on the south side of Lincoln could soon be looking a bit different.

Monday area leaders announced an effort to revitalize the Near South neighborhood.  A portion of it, is run down, and home to a number of crimes. 

Many of the houses in the Near South neighborhood are also not in the best shape.  Sections of the area are decades old.   

The section of the neighborhood area leaders are focusing on runs from 13th and “A” Street all the way down to “G” Street and stretches from 13th on down to 18th.  It's an area home to a number of crimes.  The corner of 15th and “D” is considered one of the Lincoln's biggest problem areas for prostitution.  

A study done by an area focus group also recognized that things like housing haven't been properly maintained, a number of homes are vacant, and too much focus has been put on growth and not re-development.  

That's why Lincoln city council member Jonathan Cook wants to give the neighborhood the resources it needs to change.   He says that begins with an assement of what needs to be repaired.  A blight study also needs to be done to see if the area can recieve some financial help.