Neighbors Concerned About Program For Recovering Addicts

The Estridge neighborhood in Lincoln is an area a with a high school, a daycare center and some empty space to rent very nearby.

Touchstone is a program that houses recovering addicts and people with mental health issues.  It wants to rent that empty space.

Pius X manages the building, which is owned by the Catholic Diocese.

Touchstone is run by Centerpointe and wants to move parts of its program there.

The program houses recovering addicts and says it would block off its clients from the rest of the building and put in security cameras.

People in the neihborhood and parents who send their little ones to the daycare in the basement of where the Touchstone program would be, are worried.

One parent at the meeting said, “we try to put our kids far away from danger.  And maybe something bad hasn't happened, but the potentioal goes up.”

Topher Hansen, with Centerpointe, says, “there would be no access. There is no way they would interact.  We have never in 36 years of business had a problem.”

The program running Touchtstone is nationally accredited.

Other concerns came from people worried their property value would go down.

Some Pius X parents are worried about their students who park in the building's parkign lot.

Again, those with the touchstone program clarified some myths about  their clients.  None of them are under the influence or are sex offenders.

The Pius X superintendent will make a recommendation to the diocese about what should happen.  The diocese is expected to make a decision next week.