Neighbors react to North Lincoln Murder-Suicide

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

We now know the names of the two women killed in North Lincoln on New Year’s Eve.

Lincoln Police found  31–year–old Megan Schroeder dead in the driver’s seat of a black ford explorer Saturday afternoon .

They believe 40–year–old Brenda Schroeder shot Megan before turning the gun on herself.

We spoke to a close friend and neighbor of Brenda.

He wanted his identity to be protected.

"I’m crying and I’m pounding on her door and finally her neighbor answered and told me it was her and I cried and came home and cried some more,”  Brenda’s 20-year-old neighbor and close friend said.

Officers were called to an apartment complex near 14th and Superior  Saturday after someone reported being threatened.

When officers arrived and tried to contact the people inside the SUV, a gunshot was heard.

"I had a feeling it was an actual shooting when they started taping off the lot that’s when I knew the victims were shot or something,” Neighbor Jeremy Potter said.

Police haven’t released how the two women are connected, but a friend said they were married.

He said their relationship was rocky, but Brenda told him things were getting better.

"Not even two days ago, she said they were back together and how happy she was and I was happy for her and in her voice it seems very hopeful,” Brenda’s friend said.

Investigators are looking into what led to the shooting.

"She shouldn’t be remembered for this one thing. She should be remembered for the many great things done and the many people she helped, he said.”

Autopsies are scheduled for Monday.

Police said that was the 12th homicide of 2016.

They said more details will come out later this week.