Nelson and Bereuter Speak Out

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was in Fremont Sunday for a soldier send-off . We caught up with him to get his reaction to the capture of Saddam Hussein. He said that Hussein's surrendering without a fight is just the opposite of what was expected. Nelson said, “So many people said they'll never take him alive. He'll go out in a blaze of glory and instead, he crawled out of a hole, with a whimper. Instead of achieving martyrdom, he's gonna suffer the consesquences of being a common criminal, a war criminal.” First District Congressman Doug Bereuter was also on hand Sunday. He told us this is an important victory for coalition forces, but does not mean an end to terrorism. Bereuter said, “It means we are going to have some review and some decisions made about deployments, because in all probability this should begin to reduce the level of violence in Iraq. The war on terrorism will go on but this is a major stroke of good fortune.”