Net Neutrality protest in Lincoln

People in Lincoln and across the country are protesting some possible changes to Internet policy.

It’s very apparent to us that Verizon is in it for the money they can make out of it without the considerations from the negative affect it will have on everyone else, said Kevin North, a protester.

Protesters gathered outside of a Verizon store in Lincoln, the company is in favor of doing away with Net Neutrality, if eliminated there would be restrictions on free websites. 

Protesters say corporations shouldn’t have control over the Internet at all.

"It’s just really wild to everyone protesting net neutrality is such a popular important policy and but at the end the FCC is going to end up voting on the net neutrality anyways," said North

The FCC is set to vote next Thursday.

We reached out to the corporate office of Verizon, but were unable to get a comment.