New Arena Cost

Just how much would a new arena and convention center cost?

A consultant hired by the city says the entire project would be about $225 million dollars.

And to make it work, it says taxpayers would need to chip in.  

Well if Lincoln is going to want more entertainment, like anything else it will come with a price, the question is, is it worth it.

Tucked in between the Haymarket and Haymarket park is where city leaders are hoping to build a new arena and convention center.

John Kaatz a consultant hired by the city to determine if a new arena and convention center was feasible, reiterated to city leaders it is.

To do it he's proposing the city increase the hotel tax by 4 percent, the city's car rental tax by 4 percent and for those living in Lincoln an increase in restaurant and bar sales by 1 to 2 percent.

All of that would generate around 8 million a year.

Tax increases the mayor isn't opposed to.

For people in Lincoln having to pay more for their food and drinks is an idea some like.

But others don't.

In addition to a restaurant and bar tax…the consultant group also says the city should consider an entertainment tax, a tax on things such as movie theatres and bowling alleys.

Now all these are just suggestions at this point the city has yet to make any final recommendation.

Voters will likely vote on the arena and convention center in the spring of 2009.