New center in Lincoln to help with joint and knee pain

By: Kayla Bremer

Nebraska's second OsteoArthritis Centers of America location just opened near 70th and Pioneers. They offer a special program to help their patients who suffer from arthritis in the knees.

David Self, the owner of both OsteoArthritis Centers in Nebraska, also suffers from the disease. He decided to open centers across the U.S. using a program that gives people an alternative from surgery.

“A lot of people think all that's left is knee replacement but there is something and it's what we do here and it does change their lives,” said Self.

The clinic offers a unique program that involves five injections and six weeks of physical therapy. David participates in the program himself and says the changes in his knee has put him back out on the basketball court.

“We've watched people walk in with canes, walkers, different things and walked out without them,” said Self. The program has about a 90 percent success rate here in Nebraska. The center opened earlier than expected, so people are just now hearing about the program.

“We've got at least ten signed up in the program right now who are starting to go through the physical therapy. We're excited to get things up and running,” said Dr. of Osteopathy, Melissa Loseke.

The grand opening for the center will be July 31st, but the clinic is fully open and ready for business. For more information, go to their website at or call 402-817-6850.