New Child Safety Seat Guidelines

If you have kids, we have some news you need to know. There are new guidelines that are aimed at keeping children safe. Statistics show more kids are getting hurt in car accidents than ever before, because they not being properly strapped in. If your child is under the age of six and not traveling in a safety seat, you could be ticketed. As of now any child under the age of six must either be strapped into a car seat or booster seat before you put your car into drive.

The Nebraska State Patrol says, it takes two seconds to buckle up your child, more and more car crashes are happening, let's keep kids alive to see their 16th birthday and 21st birthday. That's why they're asking you to stay away from using regular seatbelts. Not all six year olds are the same size, so sometimes seatbelts aren't protecting them like they should so the state patrol is asking you to carefully read over safety seat and car manuals. Some safety seats don't fit correctly in some cars. So make sure yours does. Also make sure you buy the right size seat, based on your child's weight.

Now if you would like more information on how to install a car seat or booster seat you can log on to . There's a list of different locations, days, and times where police officers will be available to help you.