New CPR campaign kicks off

By:  Ashley Harding 

The push is on to get more people to learn CPR, and now it's easier to do.

The Nebraska Heart Institute, St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center and Lincoln Fire and Rescue are teaming up to get the word out about learning CPR.

They say 89 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest will die because they don't get CPR right away.

Cardiac Arrest.. It can strike anytime, anywhere.  But, the sooner you get help, the sooner your life can be saved.  No one knows this better than Wallace Boever.  He fell victim to a heart attack while running in last year's Lincoln Marathon. 

“I experienced a sudden numbness in my left arm. And it just, within seconds, realized that this is not good. This is a heart attack, so I need to get off the road,” said Boever.

Several people stopped to help, CPR began immediately and Boever recovered. It's why you're being urged to learn CPR.  Also, times have changed in terms of how CPR is given. They say giving breaths is no longer a necessity. The most important thing? Give chest compressions.

“There's a void in time between when a cardiac arrest event happens and we arrive. If no one will fill that void, then the likelihood of that person surviving drops dramatically,” said Asst. Fire Chief Pat Borer.

And for Wallace Boever, just knowing someone was able to step in and help makes all the difference.

“It was just an undeserved gift. And now I want to give back by helping to promote early 911 and early CPR access.”

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