New dog runs coming to Lincoln this summer

Three new dog runs are pawing their way to Lincoln this summer.

The new facilities are a few steps ahead of Lincoln Parks and Recreation’s 10-year plan released in 2015, aimed at bringing dog runs to each quadrant of Lincoln.

With the accelerated time frame, the local non-profit Friends of the Dog Parks are working overtime to get the pup-friendly areas ready for playtime.

"The goal is to make this a fun neat event not only for dogs but also for humans keeping your dogs healthy, keeping humans healthy and getting out in our parks," Kelly Hansen, the organization’s secretary, said.

Right now, dog lovers and their tail-wagging companions only have 2 options: Rickmans dog run by Holmes Lake, or the park at Oak Creek.

Oak Creek was built on top of a landfill, and will close as soon as the new dog run at Roper Park opens, set tentatively this July.

"The fact that there is going to be more parks will probably take the pressure off Holmes," Gary Harper, who has been taking his dog to Oak Creek for 6 months. "It is nice to have options."

The other two, Mahoney Park dog run in northeast Lincoln and Peterson Park dog run in southwest Lincoln should be ready by August.

Parks and Rec will provide fencing and parking.

As for other amenities, that’s where Friends of the Dog Parks come in.

"Drinking fountains, rinsing stations, shelters…that all comes from fundraising," Hansen said. "There are many different ways people can donate. You can donate to Parks and Rec Foundation, you can donate to Lincoln Cares or you can donate to us, Friends of the Dog Parks."