New Fitness Class Offered At Lifepointe

Lifepointe fitness will be offering a whole new form of eastern exercise this August.

It's called Chi Gong and its roots actually lie in Chinese medicine and ancient Taoism.

The primary focus of Chi Gong is to prevent sickness and promote wellness through finding your inner chi.

Otto Altobell, who has been practicing this chinese art sinse 1969, says your Chi can best be described as a life force.

“What water is to fish and air is to birds so is chi to us.  Meaning that it is the vital energy, the life force that once developed, and once we can sense it, will bring on a felling of good health, and well being and longevity.”

Chi Gong is the root form of Tai Chi, which is a martial art.

And Otto will be teaching both Tai Chi and Chi Gong at Lifepointe fitness starting August 3rd.

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