New Information On the Death of Samantha Spady

We know now how 19 year old Samantha Spady of Beatrice died. The Colorado State University sophomore was found dead at a fraternity house two weeks ago. Friday autopsy results were released.

Autopsy results show that Samantha Spady died from alcohol poisoning. The report finds that Samantha drank for 11 hours and consumed the equivalent of about 40 beers. The autopsy report shows that Samantha Spady's blood alcohol level was .436 the night she died, that's more than 5 times the legal limit in Colorado. Investigators say Spady began drinking over an 11 hour time period. She started before the CSU/CU football game on Saturday, September 5th. Spady did not go to the game, but attended several parties throughout the night. Police say Spady started drinking beer then switched to shots of vodka.

Samantha later ended up at the Sigma Pi frat house where she later died. A spokesperson for the Spady family released a statement after learning the cause of death. It says “The Spady family is still grieving. They have heard the autopsy report and they are not surprised by anything in that report.”

Meanwhile, officials at Colorado State University announced beer sales will no longer be sold at its football stadium for the rest of the season. Alcohol will only be served in premium club-level seats. Officials say it will stay that way until a task force examines alcohol related issues among students and releases its findings early next year. Police investigating Spady's death have ticketed 19 men and women for providing alcohol to minors. Police say those students range in age from 19 to 24. [

Now here at UNL, the campus is completely dry. Beer has never been allowed inside the stadium since it was built. That goes for the sky boxes as well…