New Lincoln business Modafino donates iPad to family in need

A new hair care business opened its doors over the weekend. 

It’s called Modafino, and it is located near Highway 2 and Old Cheney.

They had an open house this weekend, and one local man received quite a surprise.

Scott Smith learned his sister would be receiving an iPad as part of Modafino partnership with United Luv, a non–profit from Montana.

His 13 year old sister has stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

"It was just extremely emotional… You kind of just had this like… Bubble up of tears but happiness at the same time," said Smith.

This donation will give her the ability to spend more time with family while she spends long days receiving treatment.

The fight against cancer is very personal to a lot of people, including Modafino owner Tommy Ortiz.

He lost his grandmother before he was born and a few cousins have lost their battles as well.

Now, Ortiz is embracing the opportunity to give back by pledging a percentage of every purchase toward this cause.

"We partnered with United Luv and we will give from every single transaction that goes through or at any Modafino salon will be donated to the fight against cancer through United Luv."

United Luv’s president Dallas Eaton has his own personal experience with cancer.

"My brother Ryan, he lost his battle with cancer. And so that’s why we want to continue to carry out his mission in donating these iPads to hospitals in cancer treatment centers."

United Luv and Modafino have partnered to donate iPads to oncology wards at Bryan Health in Lincoln as well as other places around the country.

"It was extremely emotional that somebody would just come out and just do that out of the kindness of their heart," said Smith.

Saturday’s donation has put the total number to over 350 ipads.

If you’d like to donate to this cause head their website at or