New mental wellness center

Posted By: Laurann Robinson

Mental health challenges can be tough to deal with for many people, and one center is opening its doors with hopes to "bridge the gap."

It’s called The Orchard and it’s aiming to be a peer–led center, where people recovering from mental health challenges can help others with those same challenges.

Located right in the heart of downtown Lincoln, the new non–profit organization held a ribbon–cutting ceremony today with the Chamber of Commerce.

With its low–stress, low–demand environment, the center is run and operated by people who have gotten help with their mental health challenges, hoping to give a more personal approach to others who may be going through something similar.

"The first time that I met a peer, I was homeless, I was without anything, I had just come out of the hospital. And by meeting a peer, someone with a mental health challenge, I got hope again," said Ken Timmerman, Executive Director with Wellbeing Initiative, the host company of The Orchard.

And that’s what the center is hoping to bring to the Lincoln community.

Skylar Linn, a board member who has recovered from her mental health challenges adds, "a lot of times building a support network is something that people with mental health challenges really, really struggle with. We can lack the social skills, or maybe don’t know where to start….so we are going to provide a space where you can come in and there’s no judgment."

Another goal is to help members of The Orchard community continue a productive lifestyle inside and outside of the center.

"There’s a lot of good things happening in Nebraska. The lowest unemployment rate in the nation. People are working, our agriculture sector is strong, but even with that, we know that there are people in life who hit a rough patch," says Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley.

The doors don’t officially open until November 2nd…

and there is no charge to become a member.