New Plan For 48th And O Streets

Another step has been taken toward rebuilding the blighted area near 48th and O. The Mayor announced that a ten million dollar agreement has been reached for the South side of the area. The proposal will bring four new businesses, three of which are locally owned. For years the area of 48th and O has been left vacant. The City Council declared the area blighted last year in hopes of bringing in developers and new businesses. Today the Mayor announced plans to bring Walgreens, Runza, Braeda and Westgate Bank to the area. The private investment will create new jobs and increase the sales tax revenue. But, some neighbors in the area we spoke to don't like the idea of additional businesses. They are worried about more traffic. Others we spoke to say they understand the traffic will be a problem, but feel leaving it empty could be much worse. The development for the South side will be under construction during the widening of O street in hopes of minimizing inconveniences to the public. The city will also be adding buffer zones to separate the businesses from the neighborhood to cut down on noise. City officials have yet to finalize a plan for the North side of the street.