New Program Aimed At Keeping Older Drivers Safe

It's a startling statistic, in Nebraska, there are nearly 7-thousand licenced drivers over the age of 90. That's why Governor Heineman launched a new education program  called “Grand Drivers” for nebraskans over 65. The goal is not to get older drivers off the road, instead, educating them about how aging affects their ability to drive. The “grand driver” program hopes to diminish the risk of aging by educating our parents, grandparents, and families on the changes we all face as we grow older. Backed by the state patrol, AARP, and the Nebraska DMV, the program urges older drivers to honestly assess their abilities. A new pahmplet being mailed out with driver registration will ask drivers questions like: can i hear my turn signals? can i see clearly at night? can i turn my head far enough to see over my shoulder?  We can also expect to see public service announcements and other educational material in connection with the new campaign. Right now, people over 85 have the highest fatality rate per capita among all drivers. It's those kind of statistics the program is hoping to change.