New ride service to two local grocery stores for county residents

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Living out of town  and getting to a grocery store is may be challenge for some, but there’s a new service looking to change that.

Starting December 15th, Aging Partners will offer rides for people in Malcolm and Bennet and not just seniors.

"Right now, those are two areas in the county that really aren’t utilizing our service decided to focus on them and neither of those communities have a grocery store. So, they seem like a good start,” Aging Partners Transit Manager Mitch Sump said.

Malcolm residents will go to the Fallbrook Super Saver and those in Bennet will go to the southeast Walmart and all for an inexpensive price.

How much exactly?

$4 round-trip.

"Most people can’t drive into town from a Malcolm or Bennet for $4. I mean it just won’t work,” he said.

The service will be offered Thursday afternoons and must be reserved at least a day in advance.

Lancaster Rural Transit is a part of Aging Partners.

Its goal is expand services and it hopes this will help spread the word.

"We kind of a best kept secret in Lancaster County. A lot of people aren’t aware of us or have misconceptions about us,” Sump said.

Aging Partners hopes to have the rides for both sides of the county every day of the week by next June.

For more information about this service, visit this website or call Aging Partners at 402-441-7070.