New Study Says Many 1999 Graduates Live In Lincoln

Some new numbers are out about the number of Lincoln graduates who stay in Nebraska.

We often hear about the problem of brain drain.

That's when Nebraska students get a good education and then leave the state. 

A recent study was done interviewing about 450 high school graduates from Lincoln

Lincoln Southeast High School graduate Miriah Zajic recently returned to her home city.

It was never her intention when she received her diploma.   

Three months after graduating from Southeast, Zajic went to college in Minnesota.   

After living there and in California, she returned to Lincoln to help with the family business.   

Zajic says while she's stayed longer than anticipated.

Living here has given her more opportunities.   

She says in California, she couldn't afford to buy a house and build equity.

The state requires school's to follow up with graduating classes to find out their status.   

In Lincoln, the graduating class of 1999 was about 2,000.   

Of those people, about 79 percent continue to live in the state.

71 percent continue to live in Lincoln.   

The survey also shows that 93 percent went to a two or a four year college.   

94 percent say they are satisfied with life.   

Marilyn Moore , with Lincoln Public Schools, says the survey helps school district leaders to know how to make changes to the curriculum.  

While Zajic say's LPS's offered a lot of opportunity to her and prepared her for college.

There's more they could be doing.

She says students need more resources to let them know what Lincoln has to offer.

Dr. Moore told me that the numbers are a good representation of the students and the faculty's work.   

She says the survey shows similar information in other years.

Moore says the next survey of this kind will be with the class of 2005.