New Technology Could Save More Lives

When it comes to heart problems every second counts. 

There's new technology here in Lincoln that will save precious minutes for patients.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue, along with St. Elizabeth's and BryanLGH have implemented a new system.

A wireless EKG is hooked up to your chest before you're even loaded up into an ambulance.

Important data from that is then transmitted to the hospital so they can get a head start on your care.

“Time is a big essence and the hospital are the same way the sooner you can get the person any type of definitive care be it form the emc care to the expanded care of the cath labs out paramedics that's the up most important, ” says Assistant Chief for Lincoln Fire and Rescue Rich Furasek.

For about 2 months Lincoln Fire and Rescue have been transmitting the data all they do is hit a few buttons and print out a copy for themselves, the other one goes straight to the doctors hand.

The ED doctor will take a look at it and push it onto the cardiologist and they'll have the cardiologist look at your EKG probably before you even hit the road so it makes for better outcomes, ” says Dr. Terry rounsborg.

Paramedics say being able to send the data straight to the hospital is shaving off at least 10 minutes, that can be used to help the patient more efficiently.

The $60,000 project was paid for through an endowment and Lincoln's two hospitals, using none of your tax dollars.